Enterprise Search

"Search" is no more about searching specific keywords on a pre-defined dataset. Enterprise Search must honour access controls, data recency and be tolerant to language variations.

Prorigo has implemented enterprise searches for document repositories and for a large volume of structured & unstructured datasets. We have enhanced usability of some implementations by adding linguistic support.

Services Offered -
  • Comparative study of search technologies on scalability, speed and precision of search
  • Implementation of search solutions, integration with various data sources
  • Develop custom crawlers for unstructured datasets and document management systems
  • Migration from the existing search technology stack to enterprise search

Sample Cases -
  • Implement open source text based search on marketing collateral management system.
  • Move database search to a text based search with support for language variations.

Search Technologies –
  • Apache Lucene &SOLR
  • Microsoft FAST Search
Related Technologies –
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