Performance Engineering

Application performance is a very important success factor for any software. It is a derivation of application code, underlying hardware and the global network which can occur in numerous combinations.

Prorigo engineers understand the importance of application performance and scalability. They are well versed with using various tools and techniques for performance testing and debugging.

Services Offered -
Application Performance and Scalability assessment:
  • Testing performance of overall application & individual modules for key modules / components.
  • Scalability testing of the entire application under various load conditions, benchmarking against similar applications.
  • Configuration testing for certified configurations, record effects of deviation from the standard configurations, etc.
Performance and Scalability Improvement consulting:
  • Identification of bottlenecks in application performance.
  • Assess scalability as per the business requirements
    • Load testing – Concurrent load, Endurance, etc.
    • Stress testing – Verification beyond peak load, Spike testing, etc.
    • Capacity testing.
  • Performance tuning recommendations, best practices suggestions.
  • Infrastructure review and recommendations around hardware, databases, load balancers, caching techniques.
Application Refactoring Services:
  • Identification of performance bottlenecks and root cause analysis.
  • Identify changes in design/architecture, considering the performance and scalability issues.
  • Implementation of design changes and refactoring poor performing code.

Sample Cases –
  • Performance analysis & automation testing of enterprise risk management solution.