Product Development

Your products originate from an innovative idea and insight in the market. But in the competitive market, you have a challenge of quickly bringing ideas to reality and keep them relevant for new business models (e.g. SaaS) and platforms (e.g. mobile).

Prorigo brings vast experience in building robust software products, and close association with new trends in technologies. We offer a range of services, and can take responsibility of critical parts of the development process.

Services offered –
  • Prototyping for idea validation, concept demonstration
  • Design, development and enhancement of features
  • Porting to different platforms, Platform migration

Sample Cases –
  • Long term development for Quality Lifecycle Management product, through multiple releases
  • Joint development for sales enablement tool and its shift to SaaS platform
  • Development & support for IP address management solution
  • Partnership for migrating eCommerce analytics product to new technologies