Program Management

Modern product development consists of stakeholders and contributors from various areas, operating from dispersed locations. Integrating all of them for on time and high quality delivery is a major challenge for project managers.

Prorigo is well-versed with this environment, and deploy experienced leaders aided by processes and tools to deliver results in predictable manner. We are flexible to changing needs of marketplace, and different SDLC models.

For new products, we prefer Agile methodology of incremental development to reduce the risk and gain more flexibility.

Depending on the specific product release cycle, we are flexible to work with the waterfall model with longer delivery schedules.

Tools for managing the development operations -
  • Software Configuration Management – TFS, SVN, Git, Clearcase, Perforce
  • Build and deployment automation - MSBuild, NAnt, Ant, etc.
  • Test Suite Management – TFS
  • Task/Issue/Bug Management – TFS, Jira, Redmine, etc.
  • Continuous collaboration and integration for TDD, FDD, BDD