JEWELFIE - The Jewellery E-Store

Take your store online! With Jewelfie integrated e-commerce platform, go the modern way of selling jewellery. This product is tailor-made for all the jewellery retailers and the shopping malls and facilities where jewellery is sold.

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Product Experience

Jewelfie’s sophisticated detection technology allows your customers to try on jewellery whenever, wherever and as many times as they like.

Social Buying

Leveraging social media, Jewelfie can make shopping more enjoyable

Connected Stores

Scattered inventory at multiple stores can be integrated in a single screen. With high definition images of each product, all your stores can be captured in a single window

Customer Insights

It provides you with data like popularity of of a certain gender in a certain age group and any data that you require can be customized

Customizable And Flexible

Features like multiple store linking, data customisation, price control, management control systems, sales management

Assisted Discovery

With options like filter, product comparison, related items and recommendations. Jewelfie helps the customer customer to navigate to their precise choice of jewellery